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Vampire est un terme qui décrit plusieures différentes créatures qui se nourrissent de sang.

« Vampire ou revenant : être mort ramené à la vie par le Chaos. Alors qu'il a perdu sa première vie, le vampire met à profit sa seconde vie au cours de la nuit. Il sort de sa tombe à la lueur de la lune, il ne peut agir que sous les effets de ses rayons ; il attaque les adolescentes endormies ou les garçons de ferme dont il suce le sang sucré sans les réveiller ».
— page 158, Le Baptême du Feu

Espèces de vampire

  • Grands vampires:
    • Alpyre (également traduit comme « alb »)
    • Katakan
    • Daudine
    • Brouxe
    • Nosferat
  • Vampires inférieures:

Vampires notables

Dans les romans:

Dans The Witcher :

Les vampires de Sapkowski

Vampires in Sapkowski's works break with many popular stereotypes. In particular, vampire repellents such as holy water, crucifixes, garlic, wooden stakes, etc. are nothing but folklore within la saga du Sorceleur. For example, Regis, the vampire who accompanies Geralt for a time, was once decapitated, staked through the heart, sprinkled with holy water and finally buried, but that did not prevent him from regenerating, albeit slowly.

Here are a few more myths and facts about vampires in Sapkowski's works:

  • Higher vampires do not need to drink blood. It is like alcohol to them, in that they can become drunk from it. Additionally, drinking blood increases their strength.
  • A vampire bite does not turn the bitten creature into a vampire.
  • Vampires are not undead or transformed creatures; they are born as vampires. The race of vampires appeared in the world after the Conjonction des sphères.
  • Not all vampires must avoid the sun. Many have adapted and easily tolerate daylight.
  • They cannot be seen in mirrors and other reflective surfaces.
  • Rushing water (rivers, etc.) poses no obstacle to their movement.
  • Holy water, crucifixes, and garlic are ineffective against them.
  • Partial bodily damage, such as a stake through the heart or decapitation, is only an inconvenience to them.
  • Some can touch white hot metal (probably not silver!) with their bare hands without injury (this was the case with Regis).

Vampires dans le jeu

Il y a un trait de vampire selon Sapkowski qui n'est pas respecté dans le jeu:

  • L'ail est un talisman qui repousse les vampires.