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Scrolls generic icon letter.png Contrat sur les décharneurs

Nous sommes prêts à payer pour nous venger des décharneurs. Trois mâchoires complètes sont demandées comme preuve.

Les réfugiés de Wyzima actuellement dans les marais.


mâchoire de décharneur mâchoire de décharneur mâchoire de décharneur mâchoire de décharneur mâchoire de décharneur

On his way to the Striga's crypt, Geralt meets a deperate father who is searching for news of his son. Sadly, the witcher has seen no one matching that description and can offer no news. The father does tell him about the striga's recent activities and also about what the Squirrels have been up to. Geralt then hands in his painstakingly collected mâchoires de décharneur and collects the advertised reward.



The Contract

The refugees in the swamps will pay to have the cemetaurs eliminated. Five complete jaws must be provided as proof. I need to collect the jaws of five cemetaurs for the refugees.

Le butin

I think I have enough jaws to convince the refugees that I've been killing cemetaurs. I should see the refugees and collect my reward.


I culled the population of cemetaurs. They should no longer threaten the refugees. I received my reward for the cemetaur jaws. (250 orin(s) + 7000 XP)

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